Gernot Böge

FIWARE Solution Architect FIWARE Foundation e.V, Berlin

FIWARE provides an open, curated service framework that serves as the foundation for developing smart, interoperable applications. A wide range of standardized software components are used, whose application options as generic function modules are not defined for any application scenario and are designed across design domains.

So far, FIWARE reference architectures have been successfully implemented in Smart City, Smart Industry and Smart Agrifood. With our Smart MaaS project, we will also demonstrate the operational capability of the FIWARE framework in the Smart Mobility domain.

The focus of the Smart MaaS project, however, is not only the handling of modern travel chains and their financial representation. Since mobility as a cross-sectional function is closely interlinked with the other areas of modern life and society models, we will use examples and use cases to demonstrate the enormous potential for implementation, resulting from the complementary and unified networking of services and the services of different domains that are transfered into novel business processes and models.

One of the central elements is the implementation of the new ETSI NGSI-LD standard. First the machine-readable link and description makes isolated data information with overarching significance. We will implement structures of the semantic web and linked data concepts and develop freely available, cross-domain reference ontologies. Machine readable, semantic data descriptions will help developers to find unknown services, explore their provided data and functions, and merge them into their own applications.

The FIWARE framework is ideally suited for such a highly integrated deployment scenario and we are looking forward to a successful project with all involved partners.