After the joint cooperation on the Smart MaaS marketplace, the next step of the cooperation with goFLUX Mobility has already started. Cleopa GmbH and goFLUX Mobility have made a ride-sharing app available in Hennigsdorf to help people, especially commuters to and from Hennigsdorf, travel more easily. In some cases, driving to Hennigsdorf by car is more practical or simply necessary. Every day, thousands of people commute to the beautiful city near Berlin – why not do it together? The ride-sharing app makes it easier for colleagues, friends or other commuters to travel to work, home or even short distances to the doctor, shopping or other leisure activities. The ride-sharing app has already offered more than 100 rides in Hennigsdorf, making it easier for some people to travel. Registration is free of charge and very simple – is the place of work or residence in Hennigsdorf and the surrounding area? Then you can register directly with the Hennigsdorf ride-sharing app using your company email address or the Cleopa Community Code. The Community Code can be found directly here.